What Is A Medium?

A Medium is someone who demonstrates, under the right conditions, that communication can and does take place between the spirit world and our world!

Mediumship can take two forms depending on which type of phenomena is being manifested, either physical or mental.

Physical phenomena are demonstrated at private meetings. Any person sitting with the medium can hear or see what is happening. This is usually by means of raps, audible voices or materialised figures. The spirit people convey intimate information about themselves, their recollection of their earthly lives and details of their lives in the spirit world. Mental phenomena are demonstrated through the mind of a medium and are mainly by :-

Clairvoyance – The medium sees the spirit.

Clairaudience – The medium hears the spirit.

Clairsentience – The medium senses the presence and thoughts of the spirit.

Each can be subjective or objective! These senses carry and amplify energy of the unseen world. We receive the information through them and take it to our conscious mind where we process and try to understand it. Some people will find that they may only use one or two of these senses or some may find some senses stronger than others. Mental phenomena are the type most often demonstrated in public.

A Medium’s Purpose is to prove that man’s spirit survives physical death and enters a “Spirit World” which surrounds and interpenetrates our material life. This is done, by giving a description of a spirit person and personal information belonging to them, or the person they are wishing to connect with. In other words giving evidence by way of details that the medium could not have known. At some time during their lives most people will ask the question, “When I die is that it or is there something more?” We are all spirit inhabiting a physical body. When the physical body dies our spirit survives and lives on in the Spirit World. For spirit communication to take place there has to be a spirit person willing and able to communicate. Communication cannot take place unless spirit are willing and able to do so.

One of the most common questions asked is, “Can I please contact a specific relative, friend etc?” Sometimes this is possible but only because the spirit person has already been present. We cannot summon spirit! We all have free will and are here to learn and experience in this physical existence. A medium cannot and should not tell you what to do. We can offer guidance and options but you must make your own decisions.

We all have choices! I believe we all have psychic and mediumistic abilities. Every one of us! Some people are what we call natural mediums. In other words they were born with these abilities activated and working. Some have developed their abilities having already been ‘aware’. Others, well their abilities are lying dormant waiting to be awakened. Not every person will develop at the same rate. It is a bit like when you learn to ride a bike, drive a car, or learn to swim. Some people do it easily and others take quite a few lessons and practice in between. Some will be brilliant and manage with ease, some will really have to put the work in and some will get by. Think of it this way, we are not all fabulous artists, dancers or sporty etc. It does not mean that we can’t all benefit from learning and taking part! It takes practice and commitment.

You need to be dedicated in order to achieve results. Most Mediums have put in many years of developing their abilities by sitting in circle and attending developmental courses and workshops. For quite a few years now people in general have become more ‘aware’. They have realized that we are far more than a physical body. They know that there is a ‘Universal Energy’ that we can all work with. What they don’t know is how to activate this energy within them and how to use it. Not everyone that develops his or her abilities will necessarily, be able or want to, do a mediumship demonstration or a private reading. But, they will be able to live a far more intuitive and fulfilling life! As previously stated, we all have these abilities, it is just that most people have them hidden or locked away inside of them. To develop you have to recognise and believe you have these abilities. To know you have these abilities they have to be developed!