Here are some of the many comments and testimonials that I have received:

I have known Cheryl Brennan for many years now and witnessed her wonderful demonstrations of mediumship as well as her wonderful addresses. She is a very lovely person with a great personality and very easy to get along with. Cheryl is a very talented lady with a warm personality which is very enjoyable and uplifting! I cannot speak more highly of Cheryl than to say that she would be an asset in whatever capacity she serves, and is always a joy to present. She is always welcome at Bournemouth Spiritualist Church where members and visitors alike appreciate her warmth and excellent service. I really cannot praise her enough for all that she does.

Al P, President Bournemouth Spiritualist Church (March 2017)

We are always pleased to welcome Cheryl Brennan to the Meeting House.  Whether Cheryl is leading a Service of Worship or an evening of discussion on Spiritualism, her kind and warm personality shines through.  She is a people’s person, always ready to listen, and her contact with Spirit a happy one.  Cheryl works hard for Spiritualism and was probably born with an innate knowledge of the Spirit World.  This, combined with her understanding of natural philosophy and the strength of her evidence of survival of the spirit, makes her a very good medium, beneficial to the people, and a credit to the Movement.  Yeah we love you at Salisbury Cheryl.

Rita M, President Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House (March 2017)

Once again a great evening at Church with Cheryl Brennan. Such great energy and fabulous evidence. It was great to see so many new faces. And of course old faces we haven’t seen for a while. We hope to see you all again soon. Stay safe.

Barbara H, Andover Spiritual Fellowship (October 2016)





A huge thank you to Cheryl Brennan for a brilliant evening.  We had so much fun and laughter.

Southampton Spiritualist Church, Southampton (October 2016)

A special thank you to the lovely Cheryl Brennan for a fabulous demonstration of mediumship tonight at Charminster Spiritualist Church.  Thank you to everyone that came and supported our lovely church.  Many thanks, Wendy and the Team.

Wendy W, Poole (June 2016)

Great eve at Vivash church – fantastic evidence and address from Cheryl Brennan.

Sophie P, Portsmouth (June 2016)